Evaluation of the Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme

In Wave 1 of the Department for Education’s Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme

York Consulting developed a Fiscal Return on Investment model which was deployed on six evaluations including those in Enfield, North East Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, Surrey and Wigan. Our approach compared the steady state costs of delivering innovative social care activity with the savings that this activity generates for the state. The savings can come in various forms including lower care costs, fewer interactions with the criminal justice system and less regular/costly use of health service resources.

In Wave 2 of the Innovation Programme, the model is being adapted for use on ten evaluations, including those being led by the University of Oxford, the University of York and the National Centre for Social Research.

Feedback from our clients

  • "Well done – a lot of work in a short space of time and at such high quality.” Sector Skills Council

  • "Your workshop was extremely well received and enabled managers to gain detailed insight, drawing on your expertise and knowledge.” Senior manager, not-for-profit organisation

  • "It [YCL’s final report] is one of the most impressive evaluation reports I’ve had the pleasure to read.” Principal, Further Education College

  • “YCL staff understand our organisation…I have developed a great relationship with them and I hope to work with them again.” Housing Association

  • “I’ve enjoyed working with you on this project. Thanks for your co-operation and flexibility.” Government department